NicoleDoesn’t matter. The blistering sun outside or the thunderous rain. Surpassing the season of the day is the weather of the heart. When gloom and dark surround one’s soul, no luminosity of lightning can be bright enough. At the end of it we must accept, we face it all by ourselves. The human capacity and it’s predisposition to anxiety and worry are not merely states of the mind that can be dealt with in counseling sessions or through anti-depressant capsules. The fear of the bad and the unpleasant is many a times a fear of the real. It is not an imagination rooted somewhere in the crevices of the brain and is not always a result of a series of chemical reactions that take place within that curious organ. The proneness to rejoice and to be arrogant in times of success and riches is precisely the human way of balancing out on the tragic moments that life offers to all of us- I would not say in varying measures, rather I would say equally. A life that is lived is always a life replete with a complete set of emotions, memorable, not so memorable and despicable experiences. Look at the fate of the happiest seeming and of the most destitute and downtrodden. Both groups of people always have a lot to envy each other for. The man on the street and the king are both privy at the same time to their own sets of possessions as well as deprivations. What the haves refer to as stress and as ignominious is nothing but a fragment of the lived reality of the have-nots. Our worries and fears and our leaps of exuberance can not be traded for worthier things. Hence the formula that the wise have devised. Do good and expect good to happen to you. If it does not turn out to be like that, just accept it and be brave in the face of hardships. I think we need to own up and live free. Nothing really helps!

22 thoughts on “Moods”

  1. True.Wherever we come from, and whatever our position in life, in the end we stand alone. Our ‘karma’ should stand us in good stead. But I know from experience that the very good sometimes suffer more then the irredeemably bad. So ‘Be brave in the face of hardship’ is good advice. Only a comfortable bank balance makes hardship infinitely more bearable,

    1. a comment like this reassures me of my improving skills of conveying some of my abstract ideas. Thanks Madhu. That comment helps. I was abt to mention a few lines about Karma and got lazy and pressed the publish button.And we concur on the bank balance thing! Regards!

  2. We are alone. That is the greatest reality of life. We can surround ourselves with objects of distraction, loving people and cocoon ourselves from the harsher realities, but during the time of reckoning, we are always alone. we are alone in our thoughts, in deeds and misdeeds And in the lowest of the depressions and the highest of euphoria, we cannot be more alone than ever. Very articulately written.

  3. Finally, though surrounded by distractions in the form of people, we are each one alone. Very profound. PC, I loved your blog.

  4. There’s a lot of wisdom in this post. I think so many people are depressed because they imagine that life will go a certain way, and when it doesn’t they assume they’ve done something wrong. At the same time, they think everyone else is doing fine. The truth is, everyone is struggling.

    1. A comment of that kind coming from you is a very pleasant surprise. The struggles each one of us wade through become normal only when seen as an essential part of the routine and not something as extraordinary and peculiar. In complete agreement. Thanks for interpreting it for me!

  5. This post is a good food for thought. I would like to find some time to ponder about things like this. “The proneness to rejoice and to be arrogant in times of success and riches is precisely the human way of balancing out on the tragic moments that life offers to all of us.”

  6. I very much agree with you in that life that is lived is always a life replete with a complete set of emotions. To experience the highs we must have the lows. If everything was the same without pain and fear, there would be no joy and happiness. It’s called life.

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