A poem is a cover up

It conceals more than what it reveals

What is significant in a life truly lived is the thing that poetry can only pretend to represent.

Poems are an easy way out of the smoulderings of the soul

Never trust a poet.

Poets are brave and very stupidly so

They calculate aesthetic merits and leave harshness of life unfettered.

2 thoughts on “Poets”

  1. Ouch!. I am not sure, but I think I am a poet.
    My father said I was often “cryptic,” hiding my true thoughts safely within poetic verse…so that only someone who took the time to study my words could hear me.

  2. In a way, not just poetry , but all expressions be it prose, poetry , paintings , films …anything at all, only try to represent and is not the “real” experience. But sometimes they remain the only way in which we can hope to share our experiences with another human being. I think all of us just wants to connect and we choose different ways to do it. ..that’s all.

    How’ve you been ?:-)

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