In the Garden


Wretched marigolds

peeved at the rudeness of the garden turned yellow

Silly roses

angered at the heat of women burning red

Despicable tulips

shrunk at the thought of men going lean

Pitiful daffodils

laughing unamused at clouds gone berserk!

8 thoughts on “In the Garden”

      1. Oh…I was busy having lung surgery, so I didn’t write much for a while. I did briefly mention that I was worried when I wrote the post “singing darkness into light.” I am a singer, but the doctors didn’t understand why I seemed to be more worried about losing my voice than I was about losing my life.
        I didn’t have any symptoms, so I didn’t believe the doctors. I kept saying, “how can I have lung cancer–I have never smoked!” It took 7 months (and a second opinion) to convince me that I needed surgery. Was a painful experience, to be sure. The scar still hurts. I still find it hard to believe that I had lung cancer.

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