A Song For The Day

Sharing a personal favorite today. It is a song from a huge musical hit of the 1960s. Asha Bhosle’s gorgeous playback, excellent picturisation and mind-blowing lyrics. A classic picnic song from that era. Considered by some to be a not so talented music composer, this one by Ravi is truly remarkable. For me the song stands for a sense of energy that accompanies longing and loneliness and infuses ephemeral pathos which depending on one’s mood may well turn out to be lasting. Non Hindi speakers too might love this one. Try n let me know!

13 thoughts on “A Song For The Day”

  1. When you listen to the song, Asha’s throw of words and variations of scales makes the song really come live.
    Picturization is, comparatively, flat. Asha Parkeh certainly has a vry tough job to give expressions to the lyrics and the song as well.
    I remember another great Ravi’s song in Asha Bhosles’ voice – Aaj Ye Meri Zindagi, Dekho Khushi Se Hai Jhoomati, Jaane Chali Hai Kahan — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6GnaEVjpGs

    1. well, i like the wind, the fleeting dupatta n all. 🙂 the ye raaste hain pyaar ke number you mention is a good one too. Another that comes to mind is Asha’s “Main Jab Bhi Akeli Hoti Hun, Tum Chupke Se Aa Jaate Ho”! Suna hai aapne?

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