You paint all those sights which are worthy of being called a feast for the senses of a thrill deprived joy gatherer. Center staged and firmly seated on the throne of the universe, you rule all romance and reason. The whites, the blues, the greens and the blacks connive and plot and fume and never succeed. King you were and that will you be.

Characterizing all epiphany, love and contempt, joy and energy, your chariot keeps passing through the minds and hearts of the fragile and the wicked. Trails left on the damaged tissues blacken only later. The way angry faces succumb to your domination and the way joyful veins willingly carry you to the limbs of the two-year old…wow! What of flora and fauna should I say? You have been a miser with flowers, birds and beasts. Red marigolds, red cranes and red peacocks would have been wonderful. Do think about it. The mischief of blue worked and it got the skies. Nothing to worry about. No one looks at the sky anymore. The greenery that once challenged your rule is now only a matter of the dining table and the white and black remain restricted to the wise and the refined. Do not rob these little ones further of their hard-earned misfortunes. Your influence remains as pervasive as ever.

Be wary of your kin though. The maroons and the pinks for instance! Keep such contamination in check. They have been for sometime now standing up in your name and representing you. You are at your best only in a state of purity. The state when the eyes can no more look at you, the mind can no more think of you and the heart can no more pump of you. You have been seen, thought and pumped only because you allowed for a mingling with the dark and the dull. Keep them at bay. It will be a boon for men if not the others who are no more intense. Your contamination has made them so. Make a note that the dull and the dark are beginning to achieve the status of a celebrity.

One more thing. You are being misrepresented in the world. Try painting all flags red. Those who have done so already seem to present you to me in a very nauseating way. Get up and take the world by storm once more. Fill it with beauty, joy, pleasure and bloodshed. Leave nothing untouched. I will rejoice. Hail to thee!


Three Love Stories

She had looked at his picture on the i-pad forever. In the snap he was bungee jumping. Curiously she asked “I love asking this to you every time we meet. I will always want to ask you this. Please tell me what attracted you to me? What did you notice in me?” She smiled and said “Did I do something that turned you on?”.She almost blushed finishing her question. Sipping the hot cuppa at the Coffee counter, he said “Well I can’t somehow recall exactly. Let me think. I remember seeing you at the multiplex. You got the tickets and sat waiting for the show to start. Oh yeah…I think it was the bright pink elastic strap of your underwear peeping out of the fabulous pair of jeans you wore. I kept staring and decided to talk to you…Yeah that is how it began, I think.”

This other one sat near the street tea stall and ordered for bun butter. The day had been a busy one. The rally had been a huge success. Wiping the sweat off her face she said “I truly love you. I do not care for anything that makes being your companion difficult. I am ready to hold your hand and walk with you through all the highs and lows. We will do our best to bring about a change in the world. I am so interested in knowing how all this began for us. What made you talk to me in the first place? Do you even remember the first time we met?” Managing the red sling bag he said “Oh I do remember all that. You had not eaten anything for those three whole days and you had fainted. It was me who lifted you and someone arranged for a rickshaw. The Doctor was called soon thereafter. You smelled of jasmine. I think it was the hair oil. Moreover your views on patriarchy were so engaging. That was it.”

The boy had finished eating the fried rice she had cooked and brought for him in the red plastic lunch box. She wanted to have a plate of Maggi. On the way she looked at him with roses blooming in her eyes. “It has been lovely knowing you. These seven days have been the best of my life. I never thought about myself as someone you would ever talk to. Tell me what made you take the first step. It was so funny when you came to me and began fumbling for words. My friends make fun of you. The tie you wore that day was strange”. He cared not to look at her and walked robustly. She repeated her question. “I don’t like talking about all this. I don’t even remember. Are all these things worth for being remembered? Something must have happened. And had it not happened with you it would have happened with someone else. Big deal!”