Writing about myself is the toughest thing I find to do. I am a research student at the University of Delhi. I completed my masters in Criminology and later registered for a Ph.D.

 I blog to express anything that comes to mind when I sit down to do so. No fixed rules or strictly defined areas of interest. So many things happen in the mind at the same time and I cannot rate one of them as more important than the other. So the idea that gets the fist click of the keyboard gets posted. Others wait!

(Photo courtesy: S.B.)

109 thoughts on “About”

  1. hey. thanks for stopping by my blog. it brought me to yours. your posts reflect so much of what you have mentioned here – the randomness of your thoughts. they make for a nice read!

  2. यहाँ ऐसे आना हुआ की आप हमारे चिट्ठे तक आए! पता चला की नया ब्लॉग प्रारम्भ किया है आपने| शुभकामनाएँ! और लिखते रहिए…


  3. 🙂 Thanks for looking at my blogpost and now I’m looking at urs 🙂 great layout btw, and would like to start following ur blog right now partly cos of it XD!

  4. Glanced through your blog and you have thoughts expressed on various subjects. I like your openness in your expression. Your recent posts hints me that expressing concerns, is a step towards perusing journalism career. It’s hard to remain unbiased on an issue but that’s the challenge you’ll have to embark on to stand out amongst the crowd. Looking forward to exchange more concerns & thoughts.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I was interested to read your post about the literature festival in Jaipur. It is interesting how politicians can anything to their purpose. Happens all the time here. Looking forward to discovering more of your writing. In the meantime, good luck with the doctorate!!

  6. Hello, you recently liked some of our posts!
    Thank you very much for that – may we ask you how exactly we caught your attention and what message you liked most?
    Do you have any ideas to share on the topics we have brought forward on human nature, love, faithfulness and promiscuity?
    Since we are just starting this blog, it would be an honor to have a comment/review or so on what we have written.
    We would be very grateful to start some idea exchange and discussion, and we would be delighted to help you in any way!
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  7. “Studying Hindutva and Islamism” – please say more! I would love to read any posts based on this research (which I assume is for your PhD?)

    1. Thanks for the visit Jaideep. Yeah it is my Ph.D research which I am planning to finish soon. Haven’t posted anything substantial from the ongoing work yet. Your comment makes me think about it. Shall do so soon. Please keep tuned and do visit again!

      1. As you may notice from my about page, I do comment on my work. Many people like it to yet another senseless blog about another Bollywood tamasha. I am sure people would be interested in educated views on your topic as well rather than the spin we get out of politicians – I know I would 🙂

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the like! From the little I have seen yours seems very interesting! Look forward to reading more!

  9. yeah you are a person of my own heart, of all the subjects I studied in college my favorites were pathology, and forensic, of course pharmacology and surgery gave tough run.

  10. Thanks for visiting OAK or else it would have missed such a beautiful blog. OAK is a follower of ‘Personal Concerns’ now.

  11. Hurray ! A notification just arrived and shouted out loud – Your 50th follower on OAK.Thank you Personal Concerns for helping me reach this milestone.

  12. Thank you Personal Concerns for taking the time to read and like my post on Boys To Men. I truly appreciate it as I know it’s a long one and not everyone has the time. It means a lot.

  13. The Mind is indeed a complex instrument. It shouts out at times to be heard.. I find writing helps bring out those corners we often neglect within the shadows .. We then explore them in deeper detail illuminating then our ideas..
    Thank you for dropping by my Sanctuary… Nice to meet you Personal Concerns .. You have a very interesting Blog..
    Sue Dreamwalker

  14. I have done a lot of traveling to Asia and Africa. The Muslim world is a wonderful place. Filled with good people and beautiful places to see. Good to see someone showing the world the real people and their dreams and life. Media in this world. Show only negative and bad things. The old cities need to be protected from overbearing countries. Good to find your site.

  15. found your blog with full of life 🙂 ,

    i appeared here as i found a poem of Rabindrnath Tagore , i am huge admirer of him also and i posted around 5 to 6 posts related with his books on my blog also .

    will meet often 🙂 Nirav / Gujarat . Happy blogging & let’s the flow continue . . .

  16. Nice Blog you have mate:) Like your tag bucket ll get around to reading few of your posts eventually. Criminology how’s that like ??

    Ps: Thanks for checking you one of my posts 😀 cheers.

  17. Hi. We found your blog and were quite impressed by the quality of the reviews. Would you care to do reviews for our latest publication? Pirates

  18. Since I first read, I have loved Personal Concerns.
    Thanks for letting us know more about you…..
    Like you, I follow no fixed rules or specific areas of interest—because it is impossible with a wandering mind. AND I love freedom. 🙂

  19. Mere priya Baanware, Mere blog mein Like dene ke liye Dhanyavaad. Pata nahin Tu kahan hai, nebraska ke bare mein likhta hai. Par, Maine nishchaya kiya hai ki Main Unhin logon ka lekh padhunga, go paragraphs mein likhte hain. In boodhi aankhon ke liye kripya iska paalan karen.

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