The blue of my jeans and the red of my shirt do not talk to each other. Forced to temporarily inhabit the residence that is my body I see that they squirm and tease each other all the time. They lay claims to inheriting my liking of colors as I am sure they did somewhere… Read More Unequals


  With A Potter man’s hands And with a Watch repairer’s eyes I wish to hold and see   With A Professor’s pen And with a Doctor’s Needle I wish to write and pinch   With A Manual Scavenger’s Head And with a Banker’s Calculator I wish to ferry and count   With A Priest’s… Read More With


Thank heavens! Infatuations last but hours and minutes. God forbid the outcomes this churning of the being would have had if it were to extend into days of my life that are to follow? This ambience arrests the mind and soul, imprisons it for a phase. Yearning as Wells says in The Time Machine has… Read More Strikes