the political establishes its credo well

so does the economic and the cultural


reprehensible personalities ruling and set to rule

going Greek and not Dutch and a new film star each day


is the social set for a revamp?

one would never know


atleast the religious says so!


A Pretentious Post

A picture of people performing (circumambulati...

I so wished to pontificate and be viewed by the ecclesiastical authority as the indomitable challenge. One that could not be conveniently bogged down. The iconoclast has always been a quick success. Standing on a parallel pulpit, he is someone who has had an easy audience. While placating the enraged religious sensibilities, the heathen in him makes him appear as the hero of the age. The profane Crucifixion widen his halo and each time that he utters an idea, his worship spreads far and wide.

It isn’t God that the true believers of my age adore and shower faith on. They do so to his semblance whose necks they wreathe each time they enter the temples, mosques and the synagogues. Tethered to that finite universe of futility, the semblance keeps perambulating in a wilderness where believing in all that is available to the senses is the rigid norm.

What does then false religion mean in any given age? The false religion of all ages is true religion itself. Hence the attack on a living faith or the historiography of another that vanished long ago should be careful enough. What is being attacked or documented isn’t a system but a belief that preexisted and will always precede these attempts. This belief is one that is continuing. It makes us believe in either believing or not believing. One can analyse a faith only to be aware of all that lies beneath one’s own being. Writing this, I am vindicated of my faith in the right to believe that belief is nothing except a very important decision we take each passing moment of our lives. Believe in believing -you are pious in the eyes of the believer. Refuse to believe- you are a star!

Can then one dream of being a star and adorn the skies? I say yes..always. The example of the pontificating iconoclasts in there before us. Pulpits wait. They should not be left waiting for long!