My Rain

Rain of LoveIn the cloud of my rain

was nectar attenuated

it was laden with tar

that had stiffened in the heat

Stirring vigorously was the spoon

and a cluttering sound it made

and the rain fell drop by drop

quenching the river

When it was sunny

the honey was granule

the nectar stale

and the river polluted like hell.


29 thoughts on “My Rain”

  1. Oh….I had been wondering where you are.
    So glad you have returned!
    Is the rain around you really like tar?
    Perhaps that is why you have not written for so long……
    Sticky fingers ? ;).

    1. Hi Mary!! I was very much around…Just cudnt post for a while. And yes..sticky fingers….I need to think about that. I would say for the moment…a sticky mind that does not allow for clear thinking for a bit!


  2. The image & title stir up my memories from college days … it reminded me one of the best pictured romantic song of classic era “pyar hua ikraar hua” from Shree420

    In the song romance blooms under the gloom.

    Your poem takes a gloomy turn, is there a hint there? 🙂

      1. urban rain? that gives more dirt than purity? it reminded me of those months I walked through the yucky water of Kolkata roads to reach office and return from there, and then finding that the drain water has entered my home! oh boy!

        1. hahaah…i can imagine. thats an interesting interpretation though. the post was more of a reflection on the rains that cloud in the mind and in an opportune moment of catharsis pour as meaningless, useless ramblings that can hardly be made any sense of. At times it is just so exciting to have an idea. Sit down to write it down and it vanishes in thin air leaving some flak that discourages from thinking further!

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