‘Leave me alone’ she said with a smile

Thinking of a trip to the Amazon and the Nile.

Away he walked in some relief

Made his way to the coral reef.

She rode on boats of waves and rains

He walked alone in mounts and plains.

Further as she touched the banks

To many more suitors she said “No Thanks”.

He befriended men on distant lands

Clicked naked women wearing flowery bands.

As affairs blossomed, she grew in repute

As wisdom dawned, he allayed dispute.

These journeys brought them together in the rain

They promised to each other “No quest again”.

They lived and loved in the city forever

Lost in the crowds very high on fever.

Till one day when arose disbelief

Knowledge or bliss was the contention chief.

He knew of nothing he had ever felt

She had no feeling of all that belt.

Leaving the world they landed in space

Dwelt thinking and feeling of love and race.

The oxygen depleted and she had no clue

His hope had died long before he knew.

Breathless they ran and hugged in the dark

No flowers bloomed and sang no lark!

31 thoughts on “Missions”

  1. an endless journey of self introspection,seeking and the unknown treasure that lies within. The journey indeed was interesting and mysterious! liked the thought process Amit!

    1. What a fitting reply to this rather ordinary post of mine. I love humming that song…specially the lalalalalal….lalalala in the interludes is addictive!! Listen to it once more please!

      And Yeah….I am very happy you liked the poem!

  2. you saw some thatched houses and an abandoned boat by the quiet beach and your imagination instantly wove a story! you’re an incurable poetic dude, PC… i hope the holidays will cure you, lol 🙂 but then, i saw the next post and it talks about the four-letter word, dang. you ought to see a doctor, brother… i’ve heard there’s no cure but physicians do make things a bit manageable, hehehe. 😉 🙂 cheers for the season!

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