A Year Old Into Blogging

Personal Concerns is today a year old. To mark this occasion, I wish to reach out to the team of WordPress and extend my heartfelt, sincere thanks to each of its members for this amazing blogging platform that they so wonderfully keep up and continuously upgrade. I wish to acknowledge the deep sense of gratitude I have towards all my friends, visitors and followers who have been a perennial source of appreciation and encouragement. Believe me, it has mattered a lot and made a lot of difference to the way I have come to think about myself and my writing capabilities.

To all the special names on my blogroll in general and to dear Vishwanath Ji, Ashok M Vaishnav Ji and Faizaan Ji in particular, I extend a very special token of respect and appreciation!

I do hope that in the coming year too, PC shall continue to receive your love, support and encouragement!

Thanks everyone once again!


58 thoughts on “A Year Old Into Blogging”

    1. it is quite interesting to see the change that has come into my attitude towards my own and towards the writings of others.One can definitely relate more with the context in which friends write and post stuff. Earlier I tended to be generally more dismissive and judgmental! You are right.

  1. Congratulations ! You have passed the test!
    Most bloggers I know start off with great enthusiasm.
    They post very frequently in the first few months and the posts then taper off.
    The gaps increase to weeks then months and finally they vanish.

    I wish you many more years of creative blogging.
    I hope you will write at least once a week.
    The length of the post does not matter.
    Even a few lines will do, if you are otherwise pre-occupied.
    But do stay within the sights of your readers.
    I recommend two posts per week as the optimum number.
    Those who take long and frequent breaks from blogging, soon lose their readership.
    Why would readers be interested if the blogger himself is not?

    Keep writing and wish you all the best

  2. Congratulations! Sir Ji, It has been a great pleasure to read your thought-provoking posts, and I’m sure you’ll continue to write more and more and add more value to your as well as to your readers’ life. Wish you all the luck, and many many blogging years ahead 😀

  3. शुभकामनाएँ! ऐसे ही आप लिखते रहें और इस ब्लॉग पर लेखों की आवृत्ति और बढ़े यही आशा है। प्रतीक्षा है और भी मर्मस्पर्शी लेखो, कहानियों एवं कविताओं की।

    -हितेन्द्र अनंत

    1. आपके सतत प्रोत्साहन की हमेशा ज़रूरत रहेगी. वरना अकेले कुछ कर पाना उतना आसान भी नहीं ! आप का सुझाव अच्छा है ! कर के देखते हैं!

  4. Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    मात्र एक सुझाव: इसे हटा दीजिये महोदय। जो टिप्प्णी अच्छी ना लगे उसे आप विलोपित कर ही सकते हैं। इससे समय बचेगा बहुत आपका।

  5. Many many heartiest wishes for the first anniversay of your wonderful blog! Glad to come across your blog through Ambigious group… wish you best wishes for many more milestones to cross..

  6. Dear Amit,
    Happy First Anniversary wishes for your blog.. : )
    And also Congrats for getting into the freshly pressed zone during the course of your blogging journey.. Keep blogging.. : )

  7. Wow Congrats Amit 🙂 Love your writing style and all your posts have been a delight to read 🙂
    Keep writing !
    Here’s one Ilayarraja song for your blogoversary : 🙂

  8. Dear Amit,
    First, a huge pile of congratulations for so creatively handling the thoughts, for a year now.
    I am quite sure that it is abolutely redundant to wish that your creative juices and inherent organizational aptitude remain fertile for your life time, becuase the way your constitution seems to have been configured, that is bound to grow with the passage of each year.ये किसीकी शुभेच्छाके मोहताज तो है नहि!
    But since we have only our heart-felt wishes and our occassional comments to enliven your space, I herebby wish you everlasting creativity juxtaposed wth organized expression of your thoughts.
    I do not how to tthank you for menetioning me in so intimate way and expressing my sense of guilt for respondin so late.I am quite sure you will understand me ,as you have always, and even bear with me. { I do think of one possible way- drop that “Ji” from tail, do accept me as an elder who keeps on trying to ride your waves!]

    All that you have planned and wished for yourself, be yours and you rise even much higher than all that…..


    Ashok Vaishnav

  9. My blog is a year old as well! It has been a wonderful experience, as well as a work in progress. I’m an aspiring writer trying to get published, which is quite a journey. This has really helped me work through that process. It’s great therapy. Keep writing! Congrats!

  10. A lot of posts waiting on your blog for me to read! Before all the welcome is observed, I wanted to give you a hug and say, you made your blog a wonderful place within an year for many of us to visit, think, share concerns you share, etc.

    Congratulations bro!

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