Mats in the mosque of the mohalla 

mats in its lanes

mats in my neighbor’s prayer room  

mats in her courtyard.

Dates on wheeled stalls 

dates on white china plates

dates on flights from Riyadh

dates on lips at dusk and dawn.

Words from speakers

words from classrooms

words from program halls

words from the Almighty.

Minds under caps

minds under piety

minds under arrest

minds under surrender.

God above oneself

God above others

God above in the heavens

God above mats, dates, sounds and minds.  

31 thoughts on “Ramzaan”

  1. सुंदर! आध्यात्मिक रंग लिए हुए यह कविता मन को भा गई। निस्संदेह अंतिम पंक्तियां सार हैं:

    God above mats, dates, sounds and minds.

    ईद की अग्रिम बधाई!

    -हितेन्द्र अनंत

    1. अब इन्टरनेट के ज़माने में ऐसी क्या प्रतिबद्धता है की मैं आप की ‘अग्रिम’ बधाई स्वीकार करूँ? जब ईद आएगी तभी बधाई भेजनी पड़ेगी आपको बंधुवर.

      वैसे ‘पुनरट्वीट’ करने के लिए बहुत धन्यवाद!

  2. I read this and all I can think is – I’ll never be able to write poetry! Gah. Sorry, I know this is self-absorbed, haha.

      1. NO. You have no idea, haha. I have a few poems I wrote a few years ago and I cringe when I read them. They’re on a locked folder on my computer, haha.

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