These songs and the burnt, blackened forests that they stream from. Born in the pile of ashes that those twigs and leaves turned into once the raging fire engulfed the greenery where the deer and the hare galloped, the elephant bathed and the snakes swirled, danced and stung the bores. The leaves with the flames lost all that was damp and polite about them. They hardened, the chlorophyll evaporated and their skeletal remains chipped, cracked and fell to the ground. Those frames rested on the ground and poked the musician of nature to take pity and sing sing and sing.

The clocks kept ticking. Life needed an age to come back to work in the woods. The musician was all the time at work. No leave for him. When prosperous, songs of dance and tunes of romance got flourishing down to my soul and the time soon came when the deserted vacuüm sent across melodies of pain, destitution and recluse.

Heart felt miseries of love and loss and of heat and rain come in one place and make the mind swoon. The elixir of being a have not balances all the loss and it feels extraordinary to know or even think of how the orchestra must have went on when something was collected from the vicinity of the woods and then re recorded in the studios- places where most of the destinies of our eardrums are written every moment.

Times change, places change and so do melodies. What separates the fate of melodies from that of the woods and the elephants is that  sound has wings. It can flutter and fly across borders of taste and hatred. Mellifluous was the word invented not for the gallops but for the sounds those hoofs make. Sights disappear, sounds do not. Ever wondered why it is far more difficult shutting one’s ears than closing one’s eyes? A cousin of mine used to talk to me about a machine that would soon be able to recollect all the sounds that people in the world ever made. Amen!

47 thoughts on “Melodies”

  1. Wow ..Your descriptions are really vivid and it really got me thinking .. Ah the power of music 🙂

    P.S : You posted “Indha Minimikku” song ! That is one of my favourites 🙂 This movie actually broke the stereotype that IR could only make Village-type folk music and proved that he could in fact create waves with western classical as well .. 🙂

    1. वो आये हमारे ब्लॉग पर खुदा की कुदरत है……
      कभी हम उनको कभी अपने ब्लॉग को देखते हैं………..

  2. ‘When prosperous, songs of dance and tunes of romance got flourishing down to my soul and the time soon came when the deserted vacuüm sent across melodies of pain, destitution and recluse’ – powerful and relatable. I needed to read this today 🙂

  3. The way you compile ur thoughts is incredible. You are the true magician of words.. Your each and every piece of writing is a masterpiece itself.
    All the best and keep rocking.. 🙂

  4. Music is truly a unifier. It crosses bridges as well as well as creates them. Thank you for linking cultures and countries with the beauty of your words as well.

  5. First of all, Welcome back, Sir. It’s been a long time, guess u were suffering from writer’s block; good to see back 😀

    Now, about the post – well, it’s great as always, enjoyed both the videos, though hardly understood the 2nd one, but it was melodious 🙂

  6. Your post refers to many old thoughts and schools, patches, an evolved soul to a young form. That’s called stirring the self to make ourselves spiritually ready for receiving what we ought to. hence, the changes occur to solve us and dissolve themselves. beyond that, the origin and frequency, tuning to make it a duplex takes seconds in a few instances to years in many. Hence, the research goes on and new forms of sound are discovered rather invented.

    my comment is also from a different frequency… don’t take trouble bro. 🙂

    to say it easily, I did wonder, and is the power of sound. I saw those silence hours moving from tunes of romance to melodies of pain, and more… I lol-ed about the machine, your friend said. liked it. 🙂

    1. thanks Sash for the evocative lines. Must say understood some of it just relished the play of words in some places. Your visits to PC mean a lot. Keep them coming.


  7. ah, the sights and sounds of life and what keep a human soul going…

    what goes, what stays, what lingers, what crosses and bridges time and space and human beliefs.

    how music reflects and amplifies our sorrows, joys and longings.

    how rivers, animals and trees live, decay, perish by the minute.

    but humans keep records of the water flows, the sway of the leaves and the ripples in the water, hoping that the wind will carry them away far and touch another soul, near or distant….

    hello, PC! 😉

  8. ahaha, the sights and sounds of the forest, the ripples of the water, man’s bid for eternity…

    or, at least, his desire to hold back the time somehow, to fight decay and impermanence and inconstancy in a material world that undergoes changes by the second…

    and how he dares to cross bridges and travel through time and distance through music, music that will touch the soul of other humans… and love, love that will allow him to stake his claim and his place on earth…

    and somehow render him free, free from decadence and immobility and smallness, a small being in a world so big, so impersonal and so changing…

    hello, PC! cheers 😉

  9. After [or to be more precise, along with] reading, music is my best personal companion [I am not counting my family here].
    Your selections, to highlight the value of sound as a medium of distraction, actually would go a long way to underscore the value of music as medium of concentration [of mind and / or emotions].

  10. Your posts are melodious to eyes; stays longer in mind! 🙂
    btw: “Ever wondered why it is far more difficult shutting one’s ears than closing one’s eyes? ” If you even find out a way to shut ears easily please let me know. It will be a very useful & hand trick.

  11. hey there. I’d been waiting for a new post from you.. then it came, and i missed it. But I’m not too late 🙂
    Always educative, very inspirational. Thanks for posting.

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