A Castle crumbles down,

amidst urban space.

Pointed domes hit the ground,

disfiguring earth’s face.


Debris piled up in the mart,

commotion ensues.

Traffic no more is art,

genius and idiocy fuse.


In comes someone to rage,

the plunder abounds.

Shattered artifacts the craze,

the lunacy astounds.


The roads clogged forever,

and cities sleep.

Those swimmers in the river,

are the ones who ever peep.


The castle now stands high,

in the ugly landscape.

Its chandeliers to each other sigh,

and the blind men rape!




36 thoughts on “Novelty”

  1. Good one.
    The destruction and degradation indulged in by us lured by the prospects of filthy lucre are well brought out.

  2. I admire the brevity and economy of expression in the poem. Yet it rich and perceptive. reminds me of mahmood ayaz and akhtarul Iman in urdu poetry. This is the first poem of yours I have read. Its remarkably poetic with dept. Though I think I havent understood it all.

        1. oh…it has been great and such a boost for the mind. writing a post abt it. will post in a while!
          will wait for your reading of it!
          hope u having a great time!

        2. apart from the furious summer heat its ok. i gather it rained in delhi, did it?

          will look forward to that and the post you were planning to write on tagore.

        3. oh yeah…it did…last evening was a riot of sorts! unusually wet and stormy for a May evening. I am still reading the biography and will post abt it someday soon!appreciate your interest in the blog so so much!thanks!

        4. i am more interested than i show, actually i have to resist myself from asking you to blog regularly 🙂

          glad to know that that you guys had some respite. we dont see any signs of that, God i am so grilled!

  3. What goes up comes down, but the descend sometimes is brutal. What’s destroyed shapes up again at times not in a pleasing way. Your thoughtful poem captured both well. I’ve been following your blog for a while but first time I saw you express in poem. It is a novelty!

      1. I am glad you added this new salutation in front of my name on your blog post & not on mine. My wife reads my blog as well as all the comments. 😦 Reading Priya Yatin she would have right away given me 20 question exams. I am sure the Priya you intended does not have the “maatra” and I am even surer that she would have read with the added maatra. You can write every single English word in Hindi without losing its pronunciation, not the other way around. Btw: Is there a maatrawali Priya in mind? Sometimes inadvertently things pop out 😉

        1. Oh no, there wasn’t a question about disliking it. I just find it humorous looking it from wife’s view point. You’ll realize when you get in that role. First thing comes to your mind is what will she think, This wouldn’t have bothered her even with the maatra, I was just teasing you. Looking at my busy schedule now a days one thing she;s sure of that I don’t have any free time for other extra curricular activity. 🙂

  4. I thought, it was something else. Just the second read, it is spellbound.
    Strength of those crumbled castles would have been doubled while building if someone such as you foretold them, our current customized ultra-manual fate!

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