Old corridor

The corridor of my life welcomes this unsung tune every now and then. The playful child calls on when invited, plays and runs around. Her giggles slip in my room through the closed door. She peeps at my naked being often through the window and vanishes even before I begin to think of the pleasant intrusion. Clad in lives I have never lived, I swiftly run for the door. The glitch of the latch alerts the world and the child runs away. A vacuous alley then stares at me. Latching the door back, I shut myself in and begin to undress. The giggles resume. My hat goes off and the games ensue. With the shirt off, a complete orchestra begins to play. By the time I am nude, the crescendo is reached.

I quietly wear a life again. To catch a glimpse of the camaraderie, I tread carefully to the door. The orchestra pauses, the running around slows down. I oil the latches, twist them open without making the slightest sound and look out. Nothing ever happened. Grumbling and swearing in disgust, I take a walk till one end of the corridor only to be drowned in a fragrance that has never repeated itself. The floral sensual treat is her only trace that I have ever been able to hunt down. Unbuttoning myself on the way back, I come running to the room, pick up a pen to make a note of the nostalgic, pleasant smell. Alas! all of it evaporates by the time I turn a fresh leaf in my red notebook.

In the depths of the dreamy slumbers I remain and the games in the corridor go on. Dolls are caressed, opponents are chased, races are won. Instruments are played and whistles are blown. The mini tournament decorates the canvas of my being. I so desire to be a part of it. Avenues that I own refuse to invite me. Like obedient slaves who have no sense of any endearing attachment for their master, I am always kept at bay. “You will be served in time Sir!” they tell me sternly. The moments of our festivities never coincide. Singing to myself and dancing to tunes others have composed, my days pass by. Wish I could dance to tunes themselves. Tunes which are neither mine nor your nor his nor her. The privileges of my corridors make me jealous.

May be it is  the nakedness I wear all the time as the basic minimum that scares and shies her away. Have no sense then, of how to successfully peel this nudity off the materiality of my being.

28 thoughts on “Corridors”

  1. Sorry Amit.
    I read that twice.
    And tried to understand.
    It’s too abstract a piece of writing for this simple soul who is more comfortable with numbers, diagrams, drawings, formulae, and pictures than with deep words expressing profound thoughts or secret feelings!
    Yes, I could enjoy listening to Geeta Dutt’s song “Koi door se aawaaz de, chale aao”
    Saheb bibi aur ghulam? Am listening to this song again after perhaps two decades.


    1. Yeah it is from that film. Two Decades?? That’s a long time. It suited the post so much and I decided to include it.

      And please don’t say sorry! You take time out to read the posts and then write a lovely warm comment, that is immensely nice of you. It is a matter of great pleasure to know about your frank views. I value it.

      Please keep the encouragement/criticism flowing in!

  2. Amit
    Reading this post, my feelings are same as Vishwanathjee’s. It is too abstract for me
    But i must admit that, such abstract things have a beauty or an attraction for i read them again and again without understanding any word of it.
    Such a beautiful blog, which i think you could appreciate better, am sharing here. The link is http://www.myalterego-frisson.blogspot.in/ . Though i am following it since the day i came to know about blogs, and am in awe of the brilliance of the writer, i cann’t understand it fully.
    I am sure you would love it.

  3. I am confused. You talk about a little girl and also nudity. What does it imply?
    I must appreciate your way of writing. Very deep.

  4. “The playful child calls on when invited, plays and runs around.”
    Oh, in my case he comes uninvited and many a time gets a rebuff. Only good thing is he still comes once in a while!

  5. Arre bhai, why so many high sounding words? have a little mercy on your readers 😛
    You made me refer my dictionary after a long time… lol
    Anyways keep up the high spirit, would like to read more from you, at least this way I can improve my vocabulary 😛

  6. Hello! I like the analogy you used here. It is likewise rich in imagery and the words employed are very soothing. I’d say the sentiment is universal but only very few can render it in so simple yet eloquent, fleeting thoughts. Ahaha, you’re the inspired one. What a corridor! 😉

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