Five Of My Most Annoying Habits

Aren’t we unique as humans in being able to irritate and annoy our fellow beings? Well. Let’s think of the other beings residing this planet. Won’t you quickly conclude that none of them can accomplish the task as perfectly as we do. Almost on an everyday basis, we grab all the opportunities to hone this prized skill. How ardent a follower of the idiom “Practice makes a man perfect” all of us seem to be.

Don’t be scared though. I am just an average performer. Not a greatly annoying person, I think. Some others I know are definitely way ahead and can be called chart busters. In spite of this semi correct self assessment of my self, I do at times suffer from a feeling of being wronged. Let me take you through a quick detour of my skill set. On a personal level, I am sure that the top slot can very well be mine. One impediment in the path of my celebrity hood is that I have not garnered enough public attention so far. The day I succeed in having  that, the top slot can very well be mine.

Anyway, for the time being you be the judge. Let me know if I am the one who has what it takes to win the race? Would be nice to have a sincere thought from you about this.Any suggestions about how to be a chart buster are most welcome. I would seriously include that in my ‘to do’ list.

1. In the Driver’s Seat-

Is he still listening?

Be it a friendly conversation, a debate or an online chat, if you have committed the misdemeanor of pinging me, please beware. At times it might happen that for every ten words you speak or type, I respond with thirty from my side. Unless strongly rebuked or politely pointed to, I can go on till the point you either run away saying “Ok..we will meet again” or walk away quietly saying “Gotta go…see you!!”. In fact, I have seen some panting and heaving a sigh of relief once they have walked a certain distance after the torture.

2. Majnu’s Dress-

Don't you find me "ewww" here?

I know so well about dressing correctly for an occasion. Have been to a missionary school which was extremely particular about our uniform, the tie and the polished shoes. I used to be perfectly dressed all the time and was never reprimanded for it. Once out of school, I never looked back. I choose all the nonsense for my clothes. Looking at myself, I have realized very well that I am a failure in as far as inculcating a proper dressing sense is concerned. I have actually done wonders at some parties and formal functions. I also know that I have traversed a path from where I can’t go back unless I attend some stupid capsule course that combines body language/ personality development classes. The best part – I am often the best dressed when I spend the entire day alone in my room. Can you beat this?

3. Plans that never work-

On a trip with the nicest friends anyone can have. They always take me along!

My friends (some of them definitely know it so well) I think are done with me about this. None of the plans I ever make were to succeed if I was the one to execute them. I have gone for trips, movies and local excursions with friends and most of them begin with a typical scene where all of them curse me for being late, being unsure, being over/under prepared, being stupid or better still being ill-dressed!

4. Been there done that


I have not been anywhere and have not done anything. Yet I listen to people and friends with that obviously fake expression on my face. So much so that the narrator often is left thoroughly sorry to have raised a matter for conversation with me. I cannot recall any story that any of my ‘not so close’ friends have narrated to me. I have paid sincere attention to….well… hardly any of them. When it comes to the smallest detail of any vague thing that I have done or an absolutely meager feat that I have achieved, I act too smart and make friends listen to it all.

5. Taste-

They are the "best"...Mind It!

Artists I love, authors I have read, songs I listen to, films I have seen, stories I know of are the best ones. Period..Everything else that has not made it to my list is mediocre. Quick to judge, write off (and depending on the closeness with the friend) quick to make fun of is my trait. I sparingly do this, but when I do so, I really can do so. Thanks to my friends who have always ignored this madness I am so capable of unleashing.  It is a hard-earned expertise and had to make to the top five.

Well there are a few more. I hope this should suffice for the day. Before you begin to abhor this loud and proud exhibition, I should say “its OK…its a part of being human”.

What about yourself do you find annoying ??



45 thoughts on “Five Of My Most Annoying Habits”

  1. Interesting post and disarming frankness and openness from you!
    Thanks for this invitation to join you. I am doing so with enthusiasm.

    Five annoying habits of mine:

    1)This one, yes exactly what I am doing now!
    I mean my so called “openness”, frankness, “transparency” call it whatever you want.
    My wife, son daughter, are unanimous in their criticism of this tendency of mine.
    They would prefer me to be a little more reserved and not part with too much information on line where they fear there are evil minded netizens lurking to take advantage of me.
    And here I am, once again opening out publicly telling the world my weaknesses.

    2)My fondness for words. Not for nothing have some American friends called me Verbose Vish. I need 10 ten words to say something when just one would do. My emails are long, my blog posts are long, my comments are long and tax the patience of the reader. Ever wondered why I don’t have a twitter account? When they told me I’ve got to say all I want in just 140 characters, I decided this is one platform that GV will never get on. Damn! I need more than that just to clear my throat before I start off!

    3)My unwillingness to take sides, when there is a controversy brewing, my so called sense of fair play, neutrality, unwillingness to offend, wanting to hear all sides, postpone saying what must be said, my tact or diplomacy, call it by any name. Sometimes when one has to take a stand publicly, I am found wanting. “Woh log kya kahenge, Yeh log kya sochenge?” makes me unwilling to jump into the fray and participate in the verbal mud wrestling that often goes on around me in real life and also in blogosphere.

    4)My distaste for shopping. My wife expects much more from me than merely chauffeuring her around and reaching out for my credit card at the billing counter. She wants me to join in selecting the right saree, and give helpful comments to enable her to decide which to buy. I have told her she is so pretty that any saree looks good on her and not the other way around. But she is not buying that! She shops for hours and when my patience starts wearing thin and I begin showing it, she finds it most annoying.

    5)My “goody goody” habits. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t gamble and I don’t swear, and I am not naughty when there are beautiful women around! Most of my good friends boast of at least one of these vices and find my unwillingness to join them annoying. Yes, sweets, ice creams and good food is my weakness and my wife finds it annoying that I am unable to control my palate at this age when I should be cutting down on food intake. She watches me like a hawk at parties and weddings lest I indulge more than what is safe for me, particularly after my recent health setbacks and hospitalisations and ICU confinements.


    1. Oh Wow! I can’t have enough of this wonderful comment. Reads like poetry! Beautiful post GV Ji!

      On the lighter side I find these 5 things in what you wrote to be the funniest:

      Bechara Twitter 😛
      Hawk’s Eye 😛 😛 😛
      Clearing the throat 😛
      Chauffer 😛
      Evil minded netizens 😛


  2. I believe the post should have not ended as – “What about yourself do you find annoying ??”, but as, “Do you think I have forgotten something?”

  3. You’ve got an amazing blog! will come back to read more from you 🙂
    most of my habits are annoying 😛
    but I’m what I’m.:D

  4. The fact you can narrow it down to 5 is pretty spectacular. I try to keep my big flows in the double digits at all times. That way in case I forget one I have 9 others to piss off people with. Nothing is worse than being known as a jerk and letting down those around you in my humble opinion.

  5. Top of the list and my husband will back me up on this one is my awful, annoying habit to clean up immediately as soon a meal is over. And to generally keep tidying up. I am trying to work on it!

  6. to be honest with one ownself and too present that very self to others is not very easy… awesome post… kp it up… are yaar … maja aa gaya..

        1. i dont have the courage of admitting my faults, because i dont want to rectify most of them, so they can be used as my weakness like they have been used in past (too many times) 🙂

          one should be wary about that too.

  7. That is a great post. Don’t we all keep doing annoying things? I keep procrastinating anything I have a slightest change to do. Thanks for sharing and for the honesty.

  8. सत्य कहने का साहस है आपमें! सीख ले रहा हूं। जब लिख सका तो ऐसा भी कुछ लिखूंगा एक बार तो अपने बारे में। बदलें या ना बदलें, हम जैसे हैं उसे स्वीकार तो करना ही चाहिए। बधाई।

    1. Prayaas thoda waisa tha jaisa aap ne kaha hai. Aap ko padh ke achha laga aur aap ke liye kisi arth ka saabit hua…ye jaan kar behad achha lag raha hai! Aap ke blog par kaafi din se kuch padhne ko nahin mila. Asha hai jaldi hi aap kuch post karenge!

  9. I have the tendency to correct people, which can be very offense and more often than not isn’t necessary. Half the time I say it without realizing, and then I immediately regret it. That’s definitely my “bad habit.”

  10. Assalam u Alaikum from Pakistan.

    I have a feeling you are a gemini because only gemini ( like me ) can be so astonishingly vibrant, fabulosly expressive and intellectually elevated. Love your blog…Will follow you definitely !

    1. Walaikum As Salaam!

      I am not so sure. A newspaper that I read says I am a Capri and another says I am an Aquarian. Thanks so much anyway for the kind words and hope to see you again. Will read yours too!

  11. I have to try really hard not to correct people. It really ticks me off when people mistake “there” for “their” or fail to use “they’re” correctly! I can’t stand when people say to me, “Can you borrow me a pencil?” I always say “Sure, I’ll lend you a pencil.” And they always nod, look a little sheepish, and say “Oh, yeah! Can you lend me a pencil please?” And I smile to myself thinking “ONE DOWN! 50,000,000 more to go.”
    I also dislike poorly worded sentences. Perhaps my biggest pet peeve, is when people do not answer their phones or return phone calls. I feel I reserve the right to call them repeatedly at 5 minute intervals until they answer. And every single time they do not answer, I take it as a personal insult. I also think that if you have unlimited text messaging, you should probably not text me “k” back when I ask you something. Irks me something fierce.

  12. Oh God, I could go on and on with this one. The top two things would be: I correct people. All the time. In some situations, you just need to let it go but no siree, I won’t. Also, I’m obsessively clean. Which works great for me, but not for the people I live with. I need to loosen up a little bit there 🙂

  13. I like yo live in my own illusion that I am perfect. To an extent I am what I want to be. However my better half has a list of items about me that’s considered anti-social. Well everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and I don’t object to that

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