Pourings! I have missed you this evening. The chill has solidified all that is beautiful in me. When you come noisily, the beauty just flows abound all over.

The nectar of the soul lying frozen somewhere right now waits for its moment of assimilation. Come soon, it is willing to thaw and dissolve like never before. Come and tell me all about whatever you did while the winter played unchecked. There is that element of fragility which the drops carry on themselves like nobody else. Remember you naughtily hurt my bald skin when I wish to be jovial. Similar evenings, when you just keep dripping silently and fill my being with silence and damp. Oh the lethal darkness that falls on those rainy evenings!

In the drops I see life at its peak. This chill actually feels so morose when seen in that light. The pour rejoices and makes me rejoice in a manner that is unknown to the either the falling snow or the stream of sweat on my skin. The rain fills me with precisely that thing which the chill drains me of. Let me fall into the hands of greed and ask you to merge with this chill. What an evening- chilly, rainy and windy it shall be in the event of your compromise with the competing seasons- hot winds, white snow and moist skies!

Its true- the more the merrier!