To Tonight

I want you to thank the sun. It kept you nourished and nurtured all day long and you could dawn over the world. I wonder if anyone waited for your arrival. An obeisance to those people, if you can find them, would do you no harm. You would seem humble and responsible. It’s possible you could be the vogue again. Go and hunt for whoever he is.

Evening was when as a baby you were born. The world was unfair to you. Everyone dreaded and you took that as if your reincarnation was being celebrated. The woodcutters left the trees alone and went home. Prostitutes sat in front of the mirror. Children in the park thought of their angry mothers. The sparrow hid itself and the monkey felt dizzy. The poet that warmly hugged you and wrote about you is no more. Seems no one took notice of you. Weariness in the jungle, hustle bustle in the house and music on the floors. All to themselves. Nothing for you.

You were mistaken. None of the lamps were lit to amuse and entertain you. You were a challenge no one cared to warmly welcome. The stars and the moon you thought would make you look pretty did not help. Hope you know all this. I think you do. Why otherwise would you be so angry and cruel now that you have grown to your fullest? I am sorry. I will not call you a Nubile. Do not take revenge on me. I have never welcomed anyone. I am the same with you as I was with the day. You don’t matter. Go away. Leave me alone.

I told you, the poet is dead and gone. The woodcutter and the child must have slept by now. Go see if there is a slot in the child’s dreams that you could occupy. If you succeed, do ask him. Why did he not care to feel how pretty as a kid you were and why didn’t he wait for you to join the merry-go-round. This will at least make sure that he asks his mother about you.

Again! Please do not pester me. I can say nothing. I am too old, incapable of reinvigorating any interest and adulation in you. As a child I did that and you never cared. Dejected you left me every time to hover around the well-lit palace. You know best about how much those toys entertained you? It is my turn to see you longing for admiration. Believe me…you will have to seethe…Don’t stop here..just gently pass!