Well that is the Hindi word for electricity or current. Jhatka or shock is something that it is most commonly paired with. No use mentioning here that if one gets in live contact with current he or she feels shocked. Unexpected, generally tragic events shock us.

Whatever that is capable of suddenly opening your eyes in disbelief is also shocking. On another note then, for instance, what can be more electrifying than someone’s persona if not electricity itself. Enough is available that tells us of the umpteen number of ways in which umpteen people were shocked. Beautiful faces, natural scenery and what not.

It is not very difficult to shock me. Leave aside shocking, every little thing scares me so quick. I would repeat again that some faces, some voices and some gaits do shock me. Embarrassing it would be if I now go on to describe all that. Just a few hints. You smile and I feel teary and when this another one appears on the scene, my heart sinks.What nonsense did I rant out just now. But just because everyone expresses them, I shouldn’t? I won’t. Oh I forgot to mention something unusual…I do get too shocked when this another one does not smile at all while looking ‘straight in the eye’. I have seen your interview once and have been shocked ever since. Hint for someone who wants my attention…don’t smile at me and don’t even notice me. I will take care of the rest.

Will think of other ways by which I can get all those jhatkas out of my system. Challenging!