It has not been a long time that I began liking the idea of a brand new day. Where possibly could I have picked this from? I cannot recall. Thinking of the possibilities. Haven’t been to an Archie’s store for enough lengthy a period to say that it is not from there. Have also not been listening to the radio jockeys these days. Where then? Did I see or hear of it somewhere in passing. I don’t know.

Did use it when I was trying to talk to someone. How the hell on so many recent occasions did I console myself often thinking it will be a brand new day tomorrow. What can a brand new day mean? The same sun would rise, the same clock will go through the same circle all over again. The moon and the stars will play their game. Is it some expectation that makes me always reassure myself of a brand new day as something very beneficial and fruitful. Isn’t it possible that this newness would mean misery of the ultimate intensity. Possible. After all, there are good and bad brands. Some so bad that we had to have a consumer help line in place.

What then should I think of tomorrow. Should I let it just call on me as an invited or an uninvited guest? I want so little of it that I don’t want to waste time writing an invitation. And the little I want…what about it? Do let me know. Is it safe to have faith in that tradition where a guest, whether invited or uninvited, comes to the host with a gift. I adhere. Another question then: What in case I do not want the gift this uninvited guest gets for me!

Do not ask me to enjoy the moment. I have tried and it has never worked. I am sick of that suggestion. I know! no one and nothing helps. I do not even know the problem. I should shut up!


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