Seventh September 2011

It has been an unusual day so far.

11 30 pm tonight was the first major earthquake of my life. Thinking that I will read this book before falling asleep, I was about to lie down on my bed. Suddenly I felt that the bed shook hard. The shaking was accompanied by a noise similar to what a washing machine makes when turned on. I realised it was a tremor and ran to the balcony and saw the other hostel-mates out in the lawn and on the road. I quickly ran to the terrace and then finally went downstairs panting. Television news said it measured 6.6 on the scale with Sonepat in Haryana as the epicenter.

For the next few minutes I was very scared and felt that I wasn’t breathing normally. It was only after some more time had elapsed that we all came to our rooms. The first thing I did was logging in to google news and checking the latest news updates regarding the earthquake. Along with the news of the tremors, there was another important news being flashed on the various news websites. Earlier in the day (at around 11 am) there was a high intensity blast near the Delhi High court in which 11 people had died and close to a hundred people were injured. While looking at these two incidents I wondered about the kind of day that 7th September 2011 had been for Delhi and its residents.

In the afternoon today, I attended the screening of a Malayalam feature film called Sancharram (The Journey).The film tried to focus on the same-sex relationship between two school going girls from Kerala. Kiran (a girl from the Nair community) and Delailah (from a Syrian Christian family) are neighbours who go to the same school and spend a lot of time together. The film, I felt was as much an exploration into issues encountered during adolescence as it was an exploration into issues related to lesbianism. The film had striking parallels with another Hindi mainstream film called Ek Duje Ke Liye.


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