Today’s Dream

I woke up scared. I realised I had dreamed of a lavish party which had most things in common with a filmy ‘party’. The venue was the lawn of a bungalow.I recall a fountain at the center of all the buzz that went on. The men were dressed in dark suits and I remember their clean white collars. Waiters roaming around with a drinks tray and offering the same to everyone on their way who had an empty glass. It soon occurred to me that the people whom I saw fell in two categories. One category was not aware of the presence of the other. So there were men and women who were ignorant of the fact that there was another parallel group present at the scene. I was however able to see and talk to both.

I was wondering how could that be possible. I explained to myself that since the number of guests is so high, cross communication and errors of conversation from my side would normally get ignored and that is precisely how this random party had been going on. Gradually, I realised that one of the groups had begun to fade away. Men and women belonging to this set began to appear as watermarks on the canvas. I found it increasingly difficult to see and listen to whatever they now said or did. The other ‘real’ set of men and women soon found out that they were surrounded by others whom they did not know. They were panic struck.


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