I see and listen to them as I pen this down. The interchange begins on a note that others might consider a gusto resulting from the coming together of a thousand violins. I consider it distress and grief. Remember the one that emerges with a moment from the bygone days hitting you really hard. Something that happens when the fragrance from that woman attending the wedding pushes me back to the days of my infancy. I know it was these violins. The pair did not allow me any sleep for three nights. It never left my eyes dry and my throat clear. They are not woods where they meet. They are the grey and white cells which fall prey to the demon others name nostalgia. Words can only be spoken and heard. The interchange that occurs is beyond my understanding. All I faintly recall is one calling the other his queen. The other calling him her king. What is called an embrace comes flashing to mind. The setup stands for surrender. The smiles they exchange could make someone weep, they do not know. The lakes, yachts and the boats…These oceans…they cannot consume them all alone. Aren’t they mine as well? Someone ask them please! Please! I know they do so to tease and pinch me where it hurts the most. Both talk about flowers and I go acidic all over. Someone should ask them to be considerate and polite with the pitiful beings who might be thinking of them.

The slight fog and the skies have all seen them. I too have seen them. Unfair judges the skies are. Bountiful for them and misers for someone else. What all must one have done to deserve injustice?

O men and women! let them know once they get out of ecstasy. Let them realise the worth of a night’s sleep for someone who really needs it and let them be accountable for the lunacy they are capable of inducing in weaklings!


Asha, The Enchantress

The EnchantressAsha Bhosle, one of the most versatile playback artists turned 78 today. I can think of the following songs which I feel were her best and could definitely not make it to the popularity charts. Chura Liya Hai Tumne, In Aankhon Ki Masti and songs like these from the late 70s and early 80s often eclipse the larger corpus of her creative acumen. The pieces of sheer brilliance listed below are definitely worth an ear on her birthday.

1. Saba Se Ye Keh Do Ki Kaliyan Bichhaaye

This one with Madan Mohan has all what makes for a soft romantic song!


2. Jab Din Haseen Dil Ho Jawan To Kyun Na Manayein Picnic

What a picnic song this one is!


3. Shokh Nazar Ki Bijliyan 

With the accompaniment of Madan Mohan this one is brilliant once again!


4.  Yehi Wo Jagah Hai Yehi Wo Fizaayein

Simply wonderful!


5. Baagh Mein Kali Khili

Uniquely chirpy and joyous composition with Salil Chowdhury!


Wish you many many happy returns of the day Asha Ji!!


Seventh September 2011

It has been an unusual day so far.

11 30 pm tonight was the first major earthquake of my life. Thinking that I will read this book before falling asleep, I was about to lie down on my bed. Suddenly I felt that the bed shook hard. The shaking was accompanied by a noise similar to what a washing machine makes when turned on. I realised it was a tremor and ran to the balcony and saw the other hostel-mates out in the lawn and on the road. I quickly ran to the terrace and then finally went downstairs panting. Television news said it measured 6.6 on the scale with Sonepat in Haryana as the epicenter.

For the next few minutes I was very scared and felt that I wasn’t breathing normally. It was only after some more time had elapsed that we all came to our rooms. The first thing I did was logging in to google news and checking the latest news updates regarding the earthquake. Along with the news of the tremors, there was another important news being flashed on the various news websites. Earlier in the day (at around 11 am) there was a high intensity blast near the Delhi High court in which 11 people had died and close to a hundred people were injured. While looking at these two incidents I wondered about the kind of day that 7th September 2011 had been for Delhi and its residents.

In the afternoon today, I attended the screening of a Malayalam feature film called Sancharram (The Journey).The film tried to focus on the same-sex relationship between two school going girls from Kerala. Kiran (a girl from the Nair community) and Delailah (from a Syrian Christian family) are neighbours who go to the same school and spend a lot of time together. The film, I felt was as much an exploration into issues encountered during adolescence as it was an exploration into issues related to lesbianism. The film had striking parallels with another Hindi mainstream film called Ek Duje Ke Liye.


Today’s Dream

I woke up scared. I realised I had dreamed of a lavish party which had most things in common with a filmy ‘party’. The venue was the lawn of a bungalow.I recall a fountain at the center of all the buzz that went on. The men were dressed in dark suits and I remember their clean white collars. Waiters roaming around with a drinks tray and offering the same to everyone on their way who had an empty glass. It soon occurred to me that the people whom I saw fell in two categories. One category was not aware of the presence of the other. So there were men and women who were ignorant of the fact that there was another parallel group present at the scene. I was however able to see and talk to both.

I was wondering how could that be possible. I explained to myself that since the number of guests is so high, cross communication and errors of conversation from my side would normally get ignored and that is precisely how this random party had been going on. Gradually, I realised that one of the groups had begun to fade away. Men and women belonging to this set began to appear as watermarks on the canvas. I found it increasingly difficult to see and listen to whatever they now said or did. The other ‘real’ set of men and women soon found out that they were surrounded by others whom they did not know. They were panic struck.